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[GAME] Unnamed

Postby Nightwolf » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:43 am

Video Cover:

Mac Binary:
Linux Binary:
http://www.gemixstudio.se32.com/Unnamed ... sLinux.rar

You awake after an accident in a forest. What will you do?

Please, very important to play at night and mainly with earphones.


Move the camera with the mouse. Invert the view with key I
You can move with arrow keys or WASD

If you press I you can play without mouse, using arrow keys to move and turn, pressing ALT to strafe

Also, you can play with joystick.

Press left button or right button to shoot if you have a weapon. Reload is automatic. Ammo infinite

If you want to pick something just walk over it.

Key 1 -Lighter: It will help to see in the dark

Key 2 - Shotgun. Very powerfill, but slow, and you cannot use with the Lighter

Press ENTER to see a map.

Objetive is: Try to not die, and go to a safer place.

f1: To change between full screen or window mode.
f2: Uses filter (huge impact in resources)
f3: activate vsync
f4: full frames per second (fast play)

SECRET (if you press F1 at menu, you will acces to a secret menu, i do reccoment go here after win the game)

If you want to examine something, press SPACE.

To end the game, press ALT+X

Good luck

PROGRAM: José Ignacio Rodríguez Fernández (Nightwolf)
MUSIC: Gabriel H Lingstuyl

COVER BY:Maribel Rodríguez
PIANO: Jury 7


GEMIX Dev Team
my father, because the shotgun and lighter

... and of course to you to play and read this

This game was done using Gemix Studio.
To get more information, please go
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Re: [GAME] Unnamed

Postby NostalgicAlgorithms » Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:46 pm

WOW! This was spooky and atmospheric. Love the fog effects nice work.
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Re: [GAME] Unnamed

Postby Nightwolf » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:01 pm

Thank you, glad you like it :)
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